The 6th Annual Vero Beach Sock Drive is here!


Well, we did it. This year, our 5th year of the Sock Drive, we collected 18,881 pairs of socks. Amazing!!

In addition we collected T-shirts, gloves, slippers, toiletries, underwear and other miscellaneous items to give to the homeless and less fortunate. Congratulations to our Vero Beach community and to the hundreds of people who made individual donations from all over the country.

special shout out to the local businesses who made this possible. It all starts with White Glove Moving and Storage who donate the collection boxes that we spread throughout the county. Please scroll down to see the names of these businesses and organizations and patronize them when you shop.

Sock Drive in the news

Vero Beach Sock Drive on The Lori Davis Show - 12/26/2023

lori davis and barry shapiroOur very own Barry Shapiro recently joined Lori Davis, Your Realtor for Life, on her show, announcing the upcoming kickoff for the 6th Annual Vero Beach Sock Drive! We invite you to join Lori and Barry in the video below, and learn about what’s coming up!

Listen to The Lori Davis Show on  IHeart Radio “WZTA” 107.9 Talk Radio, Sundays at 4pm, and on Facebook Live @ 4:45pm Tuesdays. Thanks to Lori for sharing our story and mission with the community! You help make the Sock Drive a success! 

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There are a few reasons why socks are among the most sought-after piece of clothing to people without permanent housing. First, feet work overtime when there’s no cozy home (and laundry room) to return to each night. Another big reason is that socks and underwear aren’t often donated or, when they are, the goods can’t be sanitized and put to use.

There has been an uptick in need and a downturn in donations of essentials items. That’s where the Vero Beach Sock Drive comes in. We’re asking locals businesses and community members to support our effort to aid those in need by donating socks.


In looking for a way I could help, I learned that SOCKS are the #1 requested item in homeless shelters. It was as if a lightbulb had gone off in my head – a simple, inexpensive way for people to do something good. I began by asking friends in the area to put donation boxes in their stores and places of business. I got large packing boxes from White Glove Moving and Storage and began posting daily on Facebook.

My goal that first year was 500 pairs of new socks. In short order I had collected over 1000 pairs. I realized there was enough to share the bounty so I split them with two additional charities. It was then I realized how much people want to do something good for others when given the chance – and a simple way to do it and the Annual Sock Drive was born.

The second year we upped the ante with more collection sites and a goal of 1000 pairs. Within weeks, we took in almost 3000 pairs of socks. And some t-shirts and baseball caps to boot. We expanded the number of charities served to 7 and made new connections in our community and beyond.

Entering our 5th year, we have collected and delivered over 23,000 pairs of new socks to the homeless, poor and less fortunate. It’s truly a testament to the quality and compassion of our community.

Barry Shapiro


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It's so easy to donate with our Amazon Wish List! You can purchase and send socks to the Vero Beach Sock Drive directly using the button below Doing good and feeling great was never more convenient!

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Do you have questions, suggestions or want to learn more? Maybe you have time and talent to donate as we work toward our mission. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions, and/or ideas!




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Do you have a local business and a desire to help the Vero Beach Sock Drive make a bigger impact? Request a donation box to be dropped at your location!

Have some time and want to help make a big impact! Volunteer to help out with the Vero Beach Sock Drive!

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